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RASCAN SYSTEMS, LLC is part of a worldwide network of representatives for the RASCAN radar and metal detection devices produced by the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSLab), Moscow, Russia.

RASCAN radars are continuous-wave, holographic, subsurface imaging systems with extremely high resolution.  These radars can see through any dielectric material, and image both metallic and non-metallic subsurface objects.  They are particularly sensitive to hidden moisture.

Scanning is fast and easy, and provides real-time images with no post-processing.  Minimal training and expertise are required.  Low transmission power, and careful selection of discrete frequencies assure that these devices pose no health, safety, or interference concerns.

Current applications include:

  • Detection and mapping of reinforcing bars, cables, and conduits
  • Detection of moisture or seepage behind stone, tile, or other facing materials
  • Detection of hidden bugging devices
  • Detection of concealed weapons or other forensic evidence
  • Mapping of sub-floor or in-wall heating or cooling tubes, and detection of leaks

Experimental applications include:

  • Detection and identification of landmines
  • Detection of life signs (pulse and respiration) of buried disaster victims or hidden persons
  • Mapping of delaminations or moisture intrusion into pavement or other laminated structures
  • Analysis of structural elements and decorations (columns, facings, etc.) for architectural preservation
  • Detection and delineation of hidden damage in wood from dry rot and insects.

Please Contact Us for detailed information on RASCAN radars, with specifications and downloadable case histories, research publications, and a local contact in your part of the world.

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