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Several versions of RASCAN Radar, plus a high-resolution metal detector are available for purchase.  Additional devices are in development, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Radar Systems

 RASCAN 4/4000 general-purpose radar, maximum sounding depth* ~ 20 cm

 RASCAN 4/7000 high-resolution radar, maximum sounding depth* ~ 15 cm

 RASCAN 4/2000 deep-scanning radar, maximum sounding depth* ~ 35 cm

Metal Detectors

 MetalScan high-resolution imaging metal detector

All systems are extremely portable.  Everything you will need fits in a briefcase..Complete Rascan 4/4000 system in an airline carry-on bag


For more information and pricing, please contact us at, or telephone

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*For all radars, there is a trade-off between resolution and penetration depth.  Furthermore, the penetration depth depends on the electrical properties of the medium.  Please call to discuss your needs.