Example Subsurface Images

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These are images of subsurface objects and features obtained with RASCAN and MetalScan systems.

The animated pictures below are actual scans that cycle through the 10 simultaneous images recorded by RASCAN: five frequencies at each of two signal polarizations.  These images are automatically collected simultaneously.  The images appear in real time as the scanning progresses.  No post-processing is required.
Human hand beneath a wooden table
Half-full bottle on a shelf inside a closed and locked cupboard
Coins and wires beneath drywall
Steel lintel spanning a doorframe beneath plaster wall
Handgun concealed behind plaster wall.
Steel reinforcing in a concrete wall.
Rebar, pan deck and conduit in concrete floor.
termite damage (top) inside a wooden plank.

Rascan detection and delineation of hidden insect damage in wooden structure

Photo of insect-damaged beam exposed
Rascan image scanned through concealing plasterboard